Getting Started

  • How do I start?
    • In order to preview the demo videos, you will have to Sign Up as a new member.
  • Do I have to pay to Sign Up as a new member?
    • Yes, As PREMIUM member where you will pay a certain sum in order to experience to its full extent.
  • Ok, I have signup as a new member. What to do next?
    • Drawzania act as a platform where we provide essential skills in simple form of sketch. Therefore you will need to follow the steps below to get started:
      1. Prepare a piece of paper in front of you
      2. Get a medium (Pencil, Pen, any preferred medium)
      3. Ready the preferred video (choose any video(s) you want to learn from Drawzania!).
      4. Watch the technique(s) on the videos
      5. Understand the concept applied in the video OR copy the techniques shown
      6. Draw to your heart content!
      7. If the video is too fast, then you may ‘pause’ or ‘rewind’ the video.
  • I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?
    • To retrieve your password, please follow the following steps:
      1. Go to Sign In Page, click “Lost Password” or you may click here to go to Lost Password Page.
      2. Enter the email address associated with your account and click GET NEW PASSWORD.

      If you do not receive the email from us shortly, be sure to check your spam and junk folders.

  • How do I change my username?
    • Your username cannot be changed. Your username is the email address that you use to register as a Drawzania member.


  • How do I preview the videos?
    • Just slide on the thumbnail and click on the Watch Now menu.
  • Can I watch the drawing lessons videos on slow a connection?
    • No problem. Even if you are on a slow internet connection, you can still watch the videos. Here are some tips on optimizing your viewing experience:
      • Start the video and then click the Pause button immediately. Wait for the gray video progress bar to load a bit before clicking Play.
      • Try watching a shorter video; the shorter the video, the less time it takes to load.


  • What is the payment method that I can choose to subscribe a premium package?
    • There are several types of payment in which you can choose based on your preferences, such as:

      • Credit/Debit Card (through Paypal)
      • PayPal
      • Direct bank (MOLpay)
  • Where can I view my current billing and when can I renew it?
    • You may view your current billing at ‘Plan’ section (Check your subscription details). You may aslo view the start and the end dates of your current billing. This information will inform you when to renew the subscription.
  • Will my account get renewed automatically every billing cycle?
    • No, you may have to renew once the end date is over.
  • What is the currency used for the payments and can I pay the subscription in for the next year in advance?
    • Drawzania accepts payments in US dollar. Yes, you can pay the subscription for the next year in advance. Please contact our Sales Department to do so.
  • Where can I find my billing statements?
    • You may refer to your primary email address given during the registration. All billing statements are sent to that email address.
  • Can I get my refund if I cancel my PREMIUM subscription?
    • Based on our terms and conditions, there is no refund ONCE the subscription payment been done.

Tips & Tricks

  • Tips & tricks 01: How to start?
    • For a beginner in drawing, we would suggest that you start your lesson with perspective category. Start your lesson by viewing the lines exercise and then continue with the two dimension and three dimension drawings.
  • Tips & tricks 02: What to use?
    • When you want to start your lesson, make sure you have your drawing medium with you. You may use either pen or pencil (2B and above).
  • Tips & tricks 03: How to improve your drawing skills?
    • To improve your drawing skill you must start with demo video at the basic level and then continue with the next.
  • Tips & tricks 04: From a lines to a composition
    • Once you get your basic drawing skills, do practice to draw an object or a composition from your imagination. This effort will help you to strengthen your drawing skills. Do try!
  • Tips & tricks 05: Practice makes perfect
    • At the end of the day… we believe practice is the answer to bring you to the next level of drawing skills.

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